I want to thank you for the time that I am studying here….(almost 1 year !!) I love the school and my english improved a lot. I met new people from all around the world…and I made real friends. I will recommend the school to everybody that I know specially my friends. I will miss each moment that I pass here and of course it will be in my memory forever. You and all the teachers are my family! Thanks you and hope to come back soon!!!!

Thanks for everything!!!! Love you!!!

Bruna Carvalho, Brazil

For me, Inlingua is the best language school in Florida. I had the opportunity to participate in various schools to learn “the formula” and, really everything is based on the technique of teachers, especially in Inlingua, teachers are focused on improving the pronunciation of each student and make you gain confidence in yourself to get and manage a highly technical and professional English.

Lic. Dave Capella, Director General, Producciones Star de Venezuela C.A. 

I feel very good about studying at inlingua because the learning system uses many different methods of teaching.

Also the staff working there is very professional. I love to study English although it is difficult but inlingua makes it easier for me.

Lizette Bedoya English level 3

I feel good in inlingua because I can participate in many activities here and I enjoy it a lot. When I came here I was really nervous because I knew no one here, but it was not a problem.

My classmates are very good people and my teacher is the best, that’s why I love inlingua.

Jose Rafael Avendano EspinelEnglish level 3

Mi primera impresión de Inlingua Campus Doral fue su excelente ubicación. Sus instalaciones son super cómodas, bien organizadas y todas dotadas con modernos equipos de estudio.

Estoy perfeccionando mi inglés con interesantes y preparados profesores, los cuales se esmeran en atendernos y enseñarnos muchas técnicas de lenguaje y pronunciación. Su destacado Staff siempre está disponible para uno. Con gusto recomiendo 100% esta institución.

Mil gracias Inlingua.

Valentina Riva

I have been in Miami for 11 months. I am studying at inlingua because I think it’s an excellent institution. I have learned a lot and made many friends of different nationalities.

My English has improved significantly and it has been a marvelous experience.

María Isabel Gaona Venezuela

I am from Venezuela. I have been here for almost 2 years.  I would like to recommend inlingua. I have improved my English skills a lot while studying at inlingua. I have a great time while at school and meet a lot of people from different countries.

I believe that inlingua is the best place to come and learn English in Miami.

Luis RichardVenezuela

I came to Miami 2 months ago and I really enjoy being here at inlingua.  There are lots of people here from all over the world. The students speak, play games, and talk about themselves.  The teachers are very nice.

They give the students a lot of experience on how to speak with and interact with people from new cultures because in Miami there are many people from Spain and Russia. It is good practice.

Bagdaba MadievaRussia

Hi, My name is Saleh Alharbi. I am from Saudi Arabia. I came to the U.S. for 7 months and I didn’t speak any English. I signed up with inlingua and I started learning English and learning how to speak and write.

Now I can speak English and do anything I need to do in English.

Saleh AlharbiSaudi Arabia

“The financial world in which I work definitely demands the ability to communicate in different languages. At inlingua, I have found an effective system that has allowed me to make noticeable improvements in my ability to speak a second language while adjusting to my very busy work schedule. The inlingua staff is made up of great professionals who know how to work flexibly and effectively in a business environment in which every minute must be taken full advantage of. Thank you, inlingua! I feel more confident in my professional work, and my abilities have increased greatly.”

Miguel A. Lain, Credit Manager, Banco Sabadell

“I greatly appreciate the exceptional service provided by inlingua. Since I am involved in international business with a very busy schedule and travel frequently, flexibility is a top priority. I can definitely say that inlingua’s professional instructors and excellent teaching method fulfilled my expectations.”

Rodrigo Suarez, AVP Latin America & Caribbean, FolksAmerica Reinsurance

“I’m very happy to have chosen inlingua as my English school for a number of reasons. First, the school is customized for the student. I prefer private lessons, and I love the scheduling flexibility because I’m a busy professional. The teachers are also flexible, and that has helped a lot.

The staff at inlingua is friendly, helpful, available, effective and efficient. When I need to travel on business, I just let them know, and they adapt to my situation. I never feel like I’m bother them. Something that I also like about inlingua is the practical locations. The Coral Gables center has always had quiet and comfortable rooms.

I know that I have made the right decision to choose inlingua as my English school. If someone wants to learn English, I recommend going to inlingua.”

Hernan Pereyra, Executive Producer, ESPN Deportes Radio

“inlingua has been the best language school we have encountered.  Learning a second or third language is not always easy for some people, so we made sure we that selected a school that would provide quality instruction and attention to our employees. Our employees enjoy the learning experience from the professors and, most importantly, they look forward to their next class. Every class is customized according to the needs of the students and all the materials are prepared and taught to maintain the concepts simple yet interesting.”

Jen Vieira, Human Resources, Latin America , DRAFTFCB

“From the very beginning, inlingua made all of the arrangements to find instructors to accommodate my available hours, and I felt very comfortable and confident that this school is very well-organized and can provide the services I need. The inlingua staff is very focused on customer satisfaction, and that really makes a difference!

I completed both the Spanish and English General Purpose Program last month, and I am very satisfied with my improvement, which is certainly helping me a lot in my daily activities with my Latin America customers. In addition to good teachers, the teaching materials (textbooks, workbooks, and CDs) are very helpful and well made. The classroom setting is also very good, which improves the learning activities. I’m definitely looking forward to learning other languages with inlingua!”

Sidnei DePaula, Latin America Regional Team Leader, Chevron Corporation