inlingua makes its official school policies and important program data available to students, prospective students and the public. Please click on the policy or data you wish to view to download the document.

Understanding Intensive English Program (GPIP and TL2) Payment Options and Refund Policies

GPIP: Please click here to download our information guide to the tuition payment options available to you and the program’s cancellation and refund policies.

TL2: Please click here to download our information guide to the tuition payment options available to you and the program’s cancellation and refund policies.

Academic and Administrative Policies for Students

Most of inlingua’s academic and administrative policies for students can be found in the Student Handbook. A summary of where important policies can be found is provided below.

  • Mission: Page 3
  • Confidentiality of Student Records: Page 3
  • Assistance for Students with Limited English Proficiency: Page 3
  • Admission Policy: Page 4
  • Ability to Benefit Guidelines: Page 4
  • Course Auditing Policy: Page 5
  • Immigration Regulations for Students: Page 5
  • Attendance Policy: Page 6
  • Student Code of Conduct: Page 7
  • Language Proficiency Assessment and Level Placement: Page 8
  • Maximum Periods of Study: Pages 9-10
  • Satisfactory Student Progress: Pages 11-14
  • Student Health Insurance Policy: Page 14
  • Health and Safety Matters: Page 15
  • Student Feedback and Formal Complaints: Page 18
  • Student Advising (Personal, Academic, and Immigration): Page 19
  • Available Student Services: Pages 19-20
  • inlingua’s Teaching Methodology (the inlingua Method): Page 20
  • inlingua Language Proficiency Scale: Page 21

Other important policies and information can be found in the following documents:

Data and Reports

Average Class Size by Location

The average class size (student-teacher ratio) as of January 2016 for each inlingua Florida location offering an intensive English program is provided below.

  • Aventura: 5.7 students per class
  • Boca Raton: 6.3 students per class
  • Coral Gables: 2.0 students per class
  • Doral: 5.1 students per class
  • Fort Lauderdale: 6.0 students per class
  • Key Biscayne: 1.5 students per class
  • Miami (Brickell): 6.3 students per class
  • Orlando: 10.3 students per class
  • Tampa: 7.6 students per class
  • Weston: 5.7 students per class

Note: Coral Gables and Key Biscayne are classroom annexes of the inlingua Miami (Brickell) Center.