Learning How to Write in Spanish

ust as it is with English, Learning How to Write in Spanish requires frequent use of the words in your day to day actions. Write in Spanish so you can learn it faster. You cannot master Spanish in written form just by reading- you have to actually write and be engaged in the process of determining the right phrases and words to use. You do not want to use the same words or phrases over and over as you begin Learning How to Write in Spanish. So make sure you use as many different phrases as possible. Here is a list of common phrases and definitions to get you started:

• a causa de = because of
• a pesar de = in spite of
• a saber = that is to say
• actualmente = at present, currently
• ahora bien = however, now
• asumir = to assume
• comparado –da con = compared with
• dar algo por sentado = to assume or take for granted
• dicho de otra manera = in other words
• efectivamente = in fact
• en comparación con = by comparison with
• en cuanto a = regarding, with regard to
• en efecto = in fact
• en la actualidad = at present, currently
• en otras palabras = in other words
• en primer lugar = first, in the first place
• en resumidas cuentas = briefly
• en segundo lugar = second, in the second place
• enfatizar = to emphasize
• es decir = that is to say
• finalmente = finally
• hacer hincapié en = to emphasize
• hoy en día = nowadays
• la gran mayoría de = the great majority
• no obstante = nevertheless
• por lo menos = at least
• por otra parte = on the other hand
• por último = finally
• porque = because
• primeramente = first, in the first place
• primero = first, firstly, in the first place
• recalcar = to emphasize
• respecto a = regarding, with regard to
• señalar = to point out
• sin embargo = nevertheless
• subrayar = to underline

Spanish Writing Tips

Learning How to Write in Spanish is a long term commitment and is not something that will happen overnight. Make sure you practice and implement writing as often as possible. The more you practice the better you will get and the easier Learning How to Write in Spanish will be for you!

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