This living option gives you the ability to express your independence during your stay in Florida. You will only be a short commute away from the inlingua center and all of the area’s lively entertainment options. Furnished apartments are available with single or shared bedrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and a living room.

Staying with a host family will allow you to experience American culture to the fullest extent possible. Homestay living will also provide you with valuable exposure to the daily life and customs of average Americans. An additional bonus is that you will be able to practice English in a natural setting and pick up common expressions quickly and easily. In a private home, you will also enjoy home-cooked meals (breakfast only or breakfast and dinner).

inlingua has a strong network of homestay families ready to host our international students. Every family is individually screened and carefully selected by either our Accommodation Manager or third-party partner to ensure that you have a unique experience.

All homestay homes are located within seven miles of the school and are close to all major bus routes so that students can easily and conveniently enjoy all that Florida has to offer.

Homestays are available in the following formats:

  • Homestay single room with breakfast
  • Homestay single room with breakfast and dinner
  • Homestay shared room with breakfast
  • Homestay shared room with breakfast and dinner