ANNOUNCEMENT: Please be informed that all payments will be processed by check until further notice. All checks will be mailed to your home address on file with inlingua. inlingua will no longer be delivering checks to the inlingua centers.

Please let your center director know if you have changed address without updating inlingua.

 Last Update: Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Important Documents for inlingua Instructors

Welcome to the inlingua Instructor Information and Resources section of the inlingua Florida website. You will find important announcements and official information for instructors here. If you have any questions about this page or its contents, please contact Laura Pachter, Director of Professional Development, at

All inlingua instructors should be familiar with our Instructor Handbook, entitled Information for inlingua Independent Contractor Instructors. This document contains important information, policies, procedures and guidelines for inlingua instructors. The document may be inspected in any inlingua center upon request. inlingua instructors who need a copy should contact the Department of Professional Development at

Instructors should also be familiar with inlingua’s official language proficiency scale (the ILR scale), which is used for all inlingua oral proficiency evaluations. To view and/or download a copy of the ILR scale, click here. To view video samples of speakers rated on the ILR speaking scale, click here.

To view video samples of speakers rated on the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), click here (please note, however, that the ILR scale and the ACTFL scale are not identical; in order to use the ACTFL information, you will need to carefully compare the ILR and ACTFL proficiency scales).

All inlingua English instructors should be familiar with CEA (the national accrediting authority recognized by the United States Department of Education that accredits inlingua Florida’s intensive English programs) and its standards for English language programs and institutions. To view or download the complete list of all CEA standards with official commentary, click here.

Professional Development Program (PDP) Workshops

Important note: All workshops will be broadcast live to the following inlingua Centers: Aventura, Boca Raton, Doral, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Weston. You may attend the workshop virtually in any of these locations, in addition to the location listed in the schedule. All workshops take place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a 1-hour lunch break. Please be sure to confirm your attendance by no later than the Friday morning before the workshop.

FTL Restrictions: Due to security requirements, only instructors currently teaching in the inlingua Fort Lauderdale Center may attend a Saturday workshop in that location.

We strongly encourage all instructors to participate in the inlingua Professional Development Program (PDP), which provides frequent continuing education seminars and workshops to inlingua instructors. All instructors may participate in the program free of charge; furthermore, instructors may receive biannual incentive payments as well as increases to their base teaching rates through their active participation in the program.

If you have any questions about the inlingua Professional Development Program (PDP), please contact Laura Pachter, Director of Professional Development at

Weekend PDP Workshops (Sessions for all Teachers and Staff)



Weekday Mini-Workshops (Afternoon Sessions for All Teachers and Staff)

Supplement to the PDP schedule for Intensive English Program instructors (Only GPIP/TL2 Instructors and Staff).

Attention: Some afternoon sessions are restricted to only IEP instructors. Other afternoon sessions are open to tutorial instructions. If you have a doubt, please contact the Professional Development department for clarification.

TL2 Fundamentals (Tampa, Orlando, and FTL): Friday, December 15, 2017 live in Fort Lauderdale

Workshop Flyer

inlingua Teacher Awards

To visit the inlingua Teacher Awards page, click here.

Workshop Resources

Intercultural Communication
inlingua Intercultural Communication_Handout
inlingua_Intercultural Communication_Presentation
The History of Spanish Workshop Materials
HISTORIA DEL ESPAÑOL Presentation (updated)
Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching
Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (Presentation)
Accent Reduction:
Accent Reduction Manual and Supplements (Complete Kit 2017)
Inspiring Instruction:
Inspiring Instruction_Slideshow_October 2017
Workshop Supplement
The Germanic Languages: 
Germanic Languages_PDP Manual
Special Topics in Second Language Acquisition: 
How Languages are Learned
Handout: How Languages are Learned

Instructional Resources for the TOEFL Instructors
NEW-inlingua TOEFL iBT_Policies and Resources Guide
IEP TOEFL Informal Assessment Tracking Reading and Writing
IEP TOEFL Informal Assessment Tracking Listening and Speaking
Sample TOEFL iBT GPIP Pedagogical Chart – Reading and Writing 1
Sample TOEFL iBT GPIP Pedagogical Chart – Reading and Writing 2
Sample TOEFL iBT GPIP Pedagogical Chart – Reading and Writing 3
Sample TOEFL iBT GPIP Pedagogical Chart – Listening and Speaking
inlingua Sample Writing Responses – Test 1
inlingua Sample Writing Responses – Test 2
inlingua Sample Writing Responses – Test 3
inlingua Diagnostic Test and Score Report
TOEFL Test Prep Planner
Official TOEFL iBT Writing Scoring Rubrics
Official TOEFL iBT Speaking Scoring Rubrics
TOEFL iBT Writing Sample Responses
Sample TOEFL iBT Private Tutorial Pedagogical Chart

inlingua Intranet

To enter the inlingua intranet, click here.

The inlingua intranet is used by all inlingua instructors to request payment for their professional services, enroll in direct deposit services, and view a summary of their electronic record information (address, email, phone number, etc.). In addition, all intensive English program (IEP) instructors will access the inlingua intranet in order to register daily attendance for their students, enter quarterly examination and proficiency results for students, and view the results of their performance evaluations.

Online Class Confirmation System (OCCS)

Make sure you confirm all of your classes before the end of the last day of the pay period (inlingua pay periods end on the 10th and 25th of each month. Payments are processed (ACH deposits or paper checks mailed) on the 15th and last day of each month). Here are some practical tips for using the intranet system to confirm classes for payment of your professional fees:

Use the latest edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) in compatibility mode. The OCCS is not guaranteed to work with other web browsers.

Disable all browser add-ons (such as Google and Yahoo! toolbars).

Enable pop-up windows and add the URL ( to your “trusted sites”.

Close all other applications while you are using the system so that you can easily find the pop-up window for entering the system.

Remember your username and password. For most instructors, your username is the first initial of your first name followed by your last name (example: jsmith for Juan Carlos Smith) and your password is the last six (6) digits of your social security number.

If all else fails, confirm your classes at one of the public computers in your nearest inlingua Language Center by the last day of the pay period.

To view frequently asked questions with answers regarding the inlingua online class confirmation system (OCCS), CLICK HERE.

Understanding inlingua’s Payment Policy

All inlingua instructors should be familiar with our payment policy, which can be found in the Instructor Handbook. inlingua pays instructors for services twice a month on the 15th and last day. However, if the 15th of the month or the last day of the month fall on the weekend or an official inlingua holiday, then special rules apply, as described in detail in the Instructor Handbook.

The following are the upcoming official payment distribution dates:

Friday, December 15, 2017

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Paper Checks

Checks are issued and mailed at 3:00 p.m. on the distribution dates listed above. Please wait a few days for your check to arrive at your home address. If your check has not arrived within a few business days, please refer to the lost check procedures described in detail in the Instructor Handbook.

CEA Faculty Standard 1 Checklist (for GPIP and TL2 English instructors only)

To access the CEA Faculty Standard 1 survey, CLICK HERE.