Are you interested in improving Spanish Language Pronunciation? Spanish pronunciation might be difficult for many Americans or non-Spanish speakers. A noticeable tendency that a lot of Americans have is when articulating Spanish words, is that they often pronounce it in an English manner. If you need some help on Improving Spanish Language Pronunciation, here are some tips to help you out.

Start From the Beginning

If you are beginning to learn Spanish, get into the habit of custom to try to pronounce the words without pronouncing the Spanish words like if they were in English. Get used to articulating the Spanish words the right way…from the start. Yes, this might be difficult to deal with at the beginning, but after some time you will be thankful you did so.


We have mentioned this before in our other blogs, but we can never emphasize too much on the importance practicing is. This is the 2nd most important thing you can do to help yourself improve. Remember one thing: quality over quantity. What does this mean? Even practicing small amounts, but consistently, is much better than studying great amounts at a time and stopping for a few days and then continuing. If you practice every day for at least 15-20 minutes, you will notice that you will be Improving Spanish Language Pronunciation.

Get Spanish Language Classes

Nothing beats attending a Spanish course or Spanish classes. The instruction given in the Spanish class helps you understand the “why” behind the rules in grammar, pronunciation, etc. Paying very close attention is highly important to avoid missing any crucial information that the instructor is giving. Also, pay close attention to the way the instructor articulates the Spanish words and try to imitate it.

Educational Websites

There are some websites that are educational on many topics. For example, at Inlingua we have blogs that talk about different topics about foreign languages and you can find useful tips on improving Spanish Language Pronunciation. Also, you can use the internet to do your own investigation on a particular subject you are having difficulties with.

Always be patient and don’t rush on improving Spanish language pronunciation. A great thing about the Spanish language is that most of the words are pronounced the way they are spelled. Your Spanish instructor is the best person to ask all kinds of questions, so never be too shy to ask questions.

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